Heritage and Environment

Springburn and Glasgow North have undergone significant changes including deindustrialisation, significant emigration and recent migration as well as lack of investment in the area’s heritage. After campaigning against the demolition of Springburn Public Halls in 2012, Paul founded the Springburn Winter Gardens Trust, which is working to restore the nearby Springburn Winter Gardens a Victorian glasshouse opened in 1900 as a gift to the community from locomotive magnate James Reid.

The industrial expansion of Springburn began with the establishment of a chemical works by Charles Tennant on the newly opened Monkland Canal at nearby St. Rollox in 1799, which later became part of the United Alkali Company.

Later in the 19th century the construction of railway lines through the area led to the establishment of railway works and the village became a parish in its own right. The Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway first opened in 1831 to supply the St. Rollox Chemical Works and the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway was opened in 1842. Later, the City Union Linewas extended to Springburn in 1871 and the Hamiltonhill Branch Line opened in 1894.

Paul has also been involved in the restoration of the historic former Govan shipyard head offices into the Fairfield Heritage Centre, for which he won an Community Champion Award.