My role as your MP

What an MP can and cannot do:

The main role of a Member of Parliament is to represent local constituents at Parliament in Westminster.  As your MP, it is my duty to represent all the people in the Glasgow North East constituency, whatever their diverse views about many different issues and whether they voted for me or not.

My main job in the House of Commons is to make and scrutinise legislation, attend debates and committees, and generally protect, advocate and promote the interests of Glasgow North East at a national level.

I also have a role working for you in Glasgow North East, supporting local community groups and publicising local issues.  As your local MP, I can help you on certain issues where you are having a problem, making representations on your behalf and ensuring that your case is clearly presented.

I will always do my best to help wherever and whenever I am able to do so.

In general, I can help with issues over which Parliament, a UK Government department or agency is responsible. These include:
HM Revenue & Customs: Child tax credits and income support
Defence and National Security
Labour Laws: Employment, safety, wages and pensions
Economic Policy: Fiscal and monetary affairs
Energy: Electrical, coal, oil, gas and nuclear energy
Trade and Industry: Customer protection and the markets
Gambling and the National Lottery
Telecommunications: Postal services and broadcasting
Equality and human rights law
Constitutional Affairs
• Foreign affairs and International Development
• Borders and Immigration
• Human and Animal Medicine and Biology
• UK Transport:
National rail, maritime, aviation and road regulations.
• Social Security Benefits and State Pensions

Unfortunately, I am not able to solve every problem.

• I cannot obtain preferential treatment for you or seek to get results outside of the relevant laws or rules.
• I cannot help you with private disputes with other individuals or interfere with decisions made by the courts.

Local Council and Scottish Government issues

It is not always appropriate for an MP (at least in the first instance) to take up cases in matters for which Glasgow City Council or the Scottish Government is responsible and over which, as an MP, I have no power or say.

If your problem concerns the council, such as cleansing, schools, roads, local leisure and recreation facilities, social care or social housing, you should contact the relevant council department or service directly. If this does not resolve the matter, you should then approach your local Councillor.

To find out who your local Councillors are, click on the relevant link below:

Many departments and policy powers, such as those concerning education, policing, health, social care and transport are devolved to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. If your problem relates to one of these issues, then you should contact a local Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) in the first instance.

To find out who your local Members of the Scottish Parliament are, click on the relevant link below:

If, after pursuing the course of action above, you still have a complaint about how the council or Scottish Government had dealt with your problem, then it would be appropriate to contact your MP for help, or in extreme circumstances, you should consider contacting the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO). See for more information.

Immigration and asylum issues

If your problem concerns an immigration or asylum matter, you should approach your solicitor or an organisation such as the Citizens Advice Bureau in the first instance, as it is not an MP’s role to offer legal advice.

As an MP, I am able to write to the Home Office where there seems to have been an inappropriate delay or failure to respond to your case. In general, the role of an MP is to consult with you and your solicitor to make representations once all appeals have been exhausted and there needs to be new and compelling evidence to enable to me intervene.

For more information in this area, see:

Constituency Office

My constituency office is located at 252 Saracen Street, Glasgow G22 5LF. Regular surgeries are held throughout the constituency. To arrange an appointment at your nearest local surgery or to meet at my office, please email: or telephone: 0141 336 2349. If would like to write to me, please address all correspondence to Paul Sweeney MP, House Of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

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